The intense summers in Merritt Island, FL can drive an otherwise functional air conditioner to its breaking point. Any weak links in the system will reveal themselves when summer heat and humidity are at their highest. Here’s how to keep your AC equipment healthy and your indoor chill factor strong:

Never Skip Air Conditioning Maintenance

Spring AC tune-ups cover all the bases when it comes to prepping your system for a hot and humid summer. An experienced service technician can restore your cooling equipment to a like-new condition. A top-to-bottom cleaning will remove accumulated dirt that can prevent energy-efficient performance. Your technician can also identify and correct any weak links that could crash your system once summer is underway.

Change Filters Often to Maximize AC Equipment Performance

Generally speaking, AC filters should be replaced every 30 to 90 days. However, you might need to replace them more often in the summer. The harder your AC works, the more frequently it will need a new filter. Check your filters every two weeks in summer, and replace them as needed. This is especially important if you have a large family and more than one pet.

Check the Outdoor Unit Often

Sand and salt can destroy Florida air conditioners. The corrosive nature of these elements can take a heavy toll on your outdoor unit and significantly reduce its life expectancy. The condenser unit attracts moist, salty air that can cause corrosion, rust, and other damage. Keep the outdoor unit clean, and clear away any debris or foliage that could potentially obstruct airflow. Always cover the unit with a tarp during windy conditions.

Many Florida homeowners are more afraid of air conditioner breakdowns than of hurricanes. At Bencraft Mechanical Services, Inc., we can’t prevent hurricanes. However, our air conditioning maintenance agreements can keep your system strong and your comfort consistent. Call us at (321) 978-0927 for more information.

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