Knowing when to replace your heat pump can save you a lot of time, frustration, and money. With their long lifespans and lower operating costs, heat pumps are great heating solutions for savvy, budget-conscious consumers in Merritt Island, FL. However, if your heat pump fits any of the five descriptions below, it may be time to replace it.

1. You’ve Had to Pay for Multiple Repairs in a Single Year

All mechanical equipment is bound to need repairs at some point in time. Overuse, improper use, poor or insufficient maintenance, and general wear and tear are among the most likely causes. However, if you’ve had to pay for multiple repairs within a single year, it could be time to replace your heat pump.

2. Your Energy Bills Are on the Rise

An increase in your home energy bills might make sense if you’ve added a new family member, purchased a new appliance, or started spending more time at home. If your habits and home equipment haven’t changed, however, noticeable increases in your home energy costs may indicate a progressive problem with your heat pump. As heat pumps age, they gradually become less efficient and use more energy to produce the same amount of heat.

3. You Have Hot and Cold Spots Throughout the Home

Inconsistent heating is another indication that your heat pump no longer works as it should. With a proper setup, you shouldn’t have noticeably hot or cold spots throughout the building. Significant increases in humidity in various areas of the home can indicate this same issue.

The good news is that inconsistent heating doesn’t always mean a heat pump needs replacement. Annual HVAC maintenance visits and promptly calling for professional repairs when you notice a problem will help to ensure your system works properly.

4. Problems with Short-Cycling

Short-cycling occurs when a heat pump rapidly cycles off and then back on again. This is sometimes the result of short-circuiting at the thermostat or other thermostat issues. It can also be due to a malfunctioning or damaged compressor.

Although short-cycling isn’t always a sure sign that the heat pump needs a replacement, it is a definite call for urgent attention. Neglecting a short-cycling heat pump can expedite wear and shorten its overall lifespan.

5. Your Heat Pump Has Been Around for More Than a Decade

A well-maintained and high-quality heat pump can last between 10 and 15 years. According to Energy Star, if your heat pump has been around for more than a decade, now is probably a good time to start planning for a replacement.

Although your existing equipment may be able to make it throughout the entirety of its expected lifespan, you’ll likely notice a decline in overall efficiency, increases in your energy bills, and an increased need for repairs. Having a new one put in before your current one gives up entirely could prove to be more cost-effective and far more convenient.

At Bencraft Mechanical, we provide fast, friendly, and reliable home heating solutions. Get in touch with Bencraft Mechanical today to schedule your heat pump inspection or to replace your old, outdated heat pump.

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