If you live in Melbourne, FL you probably already understand the importance of proper AC maintenance. Most of these tasks are better left to the HVAC services professionals, but you can handle some of them yourself. If you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and jump in, here are some important do’s and don’ts you need to know.

Do: Clean and Inspect Regularly

The simplest AC maintenance tasks are often the most important. That’s certainly true in this case. Inspecting your system regularly and keeping it clean are the best things you can do to ensure efficient, durable operation. Check your air filter every month and clean it whenever it becomes visibly soiled. This alone can save up to 15% on cooling costs. Be sure to check and clean your air vents as well. Additionally, make sure there’s no vegetation or other obstructions within three feet of your outdoor AC unit.

Do: Straighten Your Fins

You’ve no doubt seen the small, tightly packed fins on the outside unit of your air conditioner. You may have also noticed that some of them are bent. These fins help dissipate heat from the evaporator coil, but every bent section slightly decreases the efficiency of this process. You can straighten the fins by gently using a fin comb, which is a tool specially made for this purpose. More efficient airflow and heat dissipation are key to maintaining system longevity and minimizing the need for HVAC services.

Don’t: Go Beyond Your Skill Level

Once you’ve rolled up your sleeves and set to work, it’s tempting to see how far you can go. This often proves to be a mistake. Taking an active role in maintaining your AC is great, but take care not to become too ambitious. In particular, don’t attempt to disassemble components inside your system or make any AC repairs. Stay away from potentially hazardous electrical components. In addition to potentially damaging your system or harming yourself, attempting these actions may also void your warranty.

As with any piece of machinery, an air conditioner is prone to wearing down over time. Regular maintenance can help alleviate this wear, putting money back in your wallet and adding years to your system’s lifespan. Once you’ve taken care of your maintenance tasks, check out Bencraft Mechanical Services’ AC maintenance services or call (321) 978-0927 and we’ll handle the rest.

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