The way your light commercial air conditioner works will largely determine the comfort of your business space in Titusville, FL. Your commercial unit can also impact your employee productivity, happiness, safety, and energy bills. Identifying and solving these common commercial AC equipment6issues can increase efficiency and minimize energy bills.

Poor Maintenance

Regardless of how sophisticated your HVAC system is, you should implement a routine maintenance plan. Without a maintenance program, smaller issues can escalate to require significant, expensive repairs. Even worse, the reduction in system efficiency can eventually lead to system failure.

Thermostat Malfunctions

The thermostat helps regulate the amount of heat and cold circulating in and out of your commercial unit. Sometimes when your commercial unit has issues, it’s easy to assume the problem is with your system.

However, thermostat malfunction can also cause major issues. Besides affecting your system efficiency, thermostat malfunction can lead to temperature fluctuations, which can impact customers’ and employees’ comfort.

Inconsistent Airflow

Inconsistent airflow can significantly impact your commercial cooling system. Reduced airflow could be a result of leaks and cracks in the ductwork. Poor airflow means your space won’t get cool, and your bills may rise as a result of an overworked unit.

Poor Air Quality

Some factors, like dirty air filters, can reduce your business space’s air quality. The best way to handle these problems is to check and replace or clean any clogged filters in your commercial system. You may also want to invest in routine maintenance to help with both efficiency and air quality.

Call Bencraft Mechanical Services, Inc. today for all your light commercial HVAC needs. Our technicians have the knowledge to pinpoint issues affecting your commercial cooling system and recommend the best maintenance program. Additionally, our HVAC experts always strive to provide superior services that ensure your business space will remain as comfortable as possible.

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