Whether you have a central air conditioner unit installed in your Melbourne, FL, home or a smaller ductless unit, it is always best to have it checked by an AC maintenance team in the spring before the summer months arrive. While you can complete some simple maintenance tasks, a professional tune-up offers several major benefits.

Preventive Maintenance

All home appliances require regular maintenance to continue operating at an optimal rate. Many times, expensive repairs can be avoided if a part is replaced or simply receives proper lubrication at regular intervals. Preventive maintenance includes:

  • Thermostat calibration
  • Condenser coil, belt, and blower cleaning
  • Leak checks

During your tune-up, the technician will listen for odd noises, check for burning smells, and ensure the area surrounding the AC is clear of debris. The cleaner the unit, the longer it should last.

Improve Air Quality

From the windows to the appliances, homes of today have a great focus on energy efficiency. This means less fresh air is entering the space and less bad air is exiting.

During an HVAC maintenance check, our technicians sometimes notice issues with indoor air quality. Our professionals can offer solutions that target the build-up of allergens and pollutants.

Increase Comfort

The point of having an AC unit is to increase and maintain comfort during the summer months. A properly running AC does that, in addition to keeping your energy bills at a reasonable level, due to its efficiency.

Thankfully, arranging for an AC tune-up is easy. To schedule an appointment or receive more information about HVAC repair service, contact Bencraft Mechanical Services, Inc. in Melbourne, FL.

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